Summer events in WA’s South West and Rottnest Island

Summer events in WA’s South West and Rottnest Island
It’s parties galore around Margaret River and Rotto

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to say good-bye to Winter. May he rest in peace for the next 9 months. Now, it’s time to par-tay so get your summer event party clothes on.

I don’t think anyone will mourn winter’s passing. That’s sad but true. Sure, we skydive all year round but let’s face it, summer is AWESOME in Western Australia and we like to party just as much as the next guy (okay, maybe …

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Dad skydiving over Rottnest island

Cool gifts for dads who deserve the best

Cool gifts for dads who deserve the best
Father’s Day presents don’t have to be blah or boring

Think it’s hard to find a cool gift for Dad? Forget about it, we have it covered.

And forget about the socks, jocks and ties too – dads are over them. The Australian retail industry is worth $293 billion because us humans love to shop and spend money – especially on gifts for special people, like Dad. But this year, let Dad buy his own socks.

Come on, we’re not saying to forget about dear old …

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Rottnest winter skydive

Is it worth visiting Rottnest Island in winter?

Is it worth visiting Rottnest Island in winter?
Perth’s favourite holiday island just got cooler

Have you ever wondered if Rottnest Island is open in winter?

Well, sure it is. Perth’s cute little, quokka sanctuary in the Indian Ocean is open all year. The summer months may be the busiest, but there are some really great reasons to visit during June, July and August too.

Let’s be honest though, a Rotto winter holiday may not include lazy afternoons sunning yourself in your swim suit at the beach.

July is the coolest month with an average …

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Forest Adventures South West a new tree-adventure park near Busselton - Western Australia. six courses and 65 high rope course activities with Ropes and Zip elements from tree to tree. Photos Copyright Martine Perret 0403 501 644

Review: Forest Adventures in Busselton

DIY forest adventure in Busselton for thrill-seekers
When doing a tandem skydive in Busselton, it only makes sense to get strapped up for a high-ropes challenge too!

FREE same day entry* to Forest Adventures high-ropes and zip line course with every tandem skydive video and photo package in June 2017!! Don’t miss out, book your skydive package today. *Conditions apply

I’m running five minutes late to check-in to Forest Adventures, even though it’s only 12 kilometres from Busselton. But all’s well – my 11-year-old son and I still have time to read the …

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Things to know before you tandem skydive

Things to know before you tandem skydive
A first-timer’s guide to tandem skydiving

Booking and preparing for your first skydive is pretty exciting (and a bit scary). Now, that said, there are a few things to know before you tandem skydive.

Things that you may not have thought about. Things that will save you some hassles (like being reachable by phone). Things that will make you more comfortable (like what to or not to wear on a skydive). And things that will help you get the best skydiving experience ever.

In this post, we …

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Perth Gifts That Will Make Your Mum Smile

Perth Gifts for Mum That Will Make Her Smile
Give Mum a Present She’ll Remember Forever

Do you struggle to pick the right gift for Mum or the mother of your child? It can be hard so we’re helping you out by giving some hot tips on the best presents for mothers.

Mums, like us all, change over the years. Mums with babies, toddlers and school kids may just want some peace and quiet away from the kidlets for a few hours. Mums of teenagers may like some appreciation and acknowledgement. And mothers …

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Choosing the Best Place to Skydive in Australia

How to Choose the Best Place to Skydive in Australia

Picking where to skydive is easy when you ask the right questions

Skydiving is at the top of many people’s life wishes and bucket lists ; always has been, probably always will be. There’s a great sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with doing your first tandem skydive. Many thrill-seekers then go on to learn to skydive.

Skydiving in Australia is big business. There are skydiving companies all around the country, but the question is: how do you choose the best drop zone …

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Here’s Why You Need a Bucket List in 2017


3 Reasons Why You Need a Bucket List in 2017
Don’t wait until you’re sick or old, make your life list now

Do you have a bucket list for 2017 yet? Bucket lists are all the rage but they’re often associated with getting older or something to create only when you’re terminally ill.

The term ‘bucket list’ comes from the saying, ‘kick the bucket’, which means ‘to die’. I guess this is the reason for the connection to dying and end of life wishes. But, why wait until you’re forced to tackle a …

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Skydiving vs indoor skydiving

Indoor Skydiving vs. Outdoor Skydiving | Skydive Geronimo

Outdoor vs Indoor Skydiving – Which Option to Choose?
Indoor skydiving is sweeping Australia with Perth being the latest city to host a wind tunnel.

Indoor skydiving is quickly becoming the hottest action-adventure sport in Australia. But what is it exactly? Indoor “skydiving” is performed in a vertical wind tunnel, which is a massive glass cylinder powered by a wind generator that allows you to fly your body. It gives a similar sensation to free-fall, without having to jump from a plane or wear a parachute. If you want to try skydiving …

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Skydive Geronimo's Best of 2016

The Best of Perth Skydiving in 2016 with Skydive Geronimo


The best of 2016
Find out what’s new and exciting at our drop-zones in Busselton and Rottnest Island

Can you believe 2016 is almost over? It’s certainly been a great year here at Skydive Geronimo and we’ve got lots to share with you.

The biggest news was probably our name change and re-branding that happened at the tail end of 2015. Remember when we were Southern Skydivers? We crossed over to the Skydive Geronimo brand for a major reason: the opening of our second drop zone at Rottnest Island. Find out what the …

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