Skydiving Over Busselton from 14000ft

Must see skydiving movies

5 Must See Skydiving Movies
Get pumped to jump after watching these adrenaline-fuelled films featuring skydiving

Who doesn’t love a good action adventure movie? It’s the chase, the suspense, the fast-paced motion that keeps you on the edge of your seat that we love.

When you add jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes to the mix, we get all edgy and anxious to be part of the action. We want what they have. We want that rush.

In this post, we tell you about 5 must see skydiving movies that will take you to …

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The team at Skydive Geronimo at the Busselton Foreshore

Why do we scream ‘Geronimo’ when jumping out of a plane?

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Geronimo?’ Maybe you remember screaming it as you jumped out of trees into your neighbors’ swimming pool as a child? Maybe you think of paratroopers yelling it for courage in the 1940’s? Or maybe you have absolutely no idea what it means, and struggled to spell it when you typed it into Google?

Here at Skydive Geronimo we get so many questions about our name, so we decided it was time to set the record straight.

Skydive Geronimo was established in 2010, and …

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A Geronimo-Style Australia Day Celebration

There is nothing more Australian than a skydive with Geronimo!

Celebrate this Australia Day by donning an Australia Day-themed onesie, and skydiving onto the beaches of Busselton or Rottnest Island.

Your Aussie Day skydive adventure will begin with a beautiful flight to altitude over WA’s picturesque coastline. Check out views of Geographe Bay and the Busselton Jetty in Busselton, or WA’s favourite island getaway destination, Rottnest Island.

Time for the door to open… Ready? Set? Go!

Feel the adrenalin pumping as you and your Instructor scream toward the earth at 200km / hr. Your green-and-gold, or Australian flag …

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Bungee Jumping vs Skydiving

Have you tried either or both? Which did you prefer?

Here’s what one of our Manifest chicks Frankie had to say on the subject…

People often call us asking if we offer bungee jumping as well as skydiving, unfortunately we don’t, and from what I could find searching on the net, neither does anyone else in WA.

I have no idea why this is…maybe a lack of suitable structures (manmade or natural) to jump off? Anyway, it lead me to think about the similarities (or differences!) between the two…if you’re considering leaping off …

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