Take your Christmas gifting next-level this year

Finding the perfect Christmas present can be time-consuming, frustrating, and down right stressful. That’s why giving a skydive gift voucher to your special person is a quick and easy solution to an age-old problem: you give a fantastic gift, and someone gets the time of their life!

Gift certificates and experiential gifts are gaining in popularity not only for the convenience to the shopper, but also because they allow the recipient to have an amazing experience. Skydiving may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you know someone who’s dreaming of jumping from a plane, a skydive gift card makes one kick-ass present.

If you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons to give a skydive gift voucher this Christmas.

A tandem skydive whilst opening a present from Santa

1. Fun Factor

Skydiving may produce fear and anxiety, especially on your first jump, but once you’re free-falling through the air at 200kmph, elation and glee takes over. If you want to make someone you care about experience a range of emotions that finish with ear to ear grins and a complimentary beverage overlooking Rottnest Island marina, a Skydive Geronimo voucher is the ticket.

Had the best time ever doing my skydive with Jimmy, I was really nervous to do skydiving for first time but he really made me feel safe…it was so exhilarating and fun.

~Skydive Geronimo customer, Michelle Owen

2. Bucket List Tick

Skydiving makes it onto many life lists, which means giving a skydive as a Christmas gift will help someone achieve their dreams. And what could be better than that? For some, skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience so best to choose a beautiful scene. Bundling this bucket list activity with stunning ocean views over Perth’s favourite holiday island makes this gift a 2-for-1.

3. Right Here, Right Now

Know someone who’s always in their head? Always thinking about the past, the future or over-thinking every decision that needs to be made? Controlling our “monkey mind” is extremely difficult but one way to force yourself into the present moment is skydiving. Believe us, you’re not gong to think about what to have for dinner or worry about the gas bill when you’re sitting on the edge of a perfectly good airplane about to jump above the Indian Ocean. It’s true, skydiving can be very zen.


4. Hey, Big Spender

Let’s face it, skydiving is not a cheap excursion, therefore, it’s not a cheap gift. Buying a skydive gift voucher is going to set you back a bit, but imagine the impression you’ll make. Sure, giving is not about how much you spend – it’s the thought that counts, blah blah blah. But when your thought is as generous as a tandem skydive over Rottnest Island, hearts will swell and jaws will drop.

5. Island Vibes

If you decide to give a skydive gift voucher this Christmas, the obvious choice of place is right here at Skydive Geronimo, naturally. And jumping with Geronimo means going to Rottnest Island. And going to Rottnest Island means soaking up the sun, walking on beautiful beaches, swimming in turquoise-tinged waters, and embracing a slower pace of life. So, giving a Skydive Geronimo Christmas gift card is more than just a skydive; it’s an island holiday…if only for a day.

Best experience ever and the best place to skydive. Awesome view!

~Skydive Geronimo customer, Andrea White

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