If you thought FIFO work was only for mining industry employees, think again.

Yes, the mining sector is by far and away the biggest employer of Fly-in-Fly-Out long-distance workers (around 65 000 of them) because so much of Australia’s rich resources are in remote and uninhabited places around this vast continent, but there are plenty of other types of FIFO jobs.

Vets, nurses, doctors, chefs, bus drivers, fitness instructors, dentists and gardeners are just some of the many different types of professions which can be done by way of a FIFO rotation.  But here’s one FIFO job that you may not have heard about – and it’s one for high fliers only.

At the start of each working day, a group of people with a head for heights and a passion for adventure meet in a hangar at Perth’s Jandakot Airport before climbing aboard their daily transport, a G8 Airvan.

They’re the team behind Skydive Geronimo, the only Perth skydiving operator to offer skydives over Rottnest Island – and while they could take the ferry across the 19kms of Indian Ocean from the mainland to get to their workplace  – it’s quicker and more effective (and way more exciting!) to fly.  And after all, airborne adventures are what they do best!

The commute is a speedy 12 minutes but with sweeping views over the Perth CBD, the Swan River, pristine beaches and turquoise Indian Ocean waters dotted with islands, ships and ferries, they probably wish they had more time to enjoy the ride.

The Skydive Geronimo team comprises the pilot, tandem instructors, the manifest person and the ground control assistant and their first task when they arrive on the island is to set up the Drop Zone and greet their first customers.    At the end of the day, they pack up the drop zone, complete all the necessary paperwork and head for home.   You won’t hear anyone complaining about the return commute as it usually involves a spectacular ocean sunset!

Rottnest Island is one of the most spectacular skydiving destinations in Australia – some would go as far as to say it’s one of the best in the world.   Viewed from above, the colours and shapes of the island’s many bays, beaches, rocky outcrops and the clear aquamarine sea are breathtaking – and the lucky Skydive Geronimo team get to experience these views every working day!  They certainly do have the dream FIFO job.

If you want to experience the high life, get in touch with the team at Skydive Geronimo at www.skydivegeronimo.com.au and book your Rottnest skydiving experience now.