Your Safety – Our Number One Priority

Looking forward to your Skydive Geronimo experience, but feeling nervous? You’re not alone!

Almost every customer who jumps with us is apprehensive about taking the leap (pun intended), so we will take a moment now to go through some of the safety aspects of your jump.

Skydive Geronimo Rottnest offer one of the best places to go skydiving, whilst also prioritising the safety of all our customers and staff, and we pride ourselves in our 100% safety record. We achieve this through adhering to strict safety guidelines, maintaining our aircraft and equipment to the highest standards and using the latest technology in skydive equipment available. You can rest assured that your skydive over Western Australia is as safe as possible with the Skydive Geronimo team.

Covid-19 Restrictions and Hygiene

In accordance with CLOSURE AND RESTRICTIONS (LIMIT THE SPREAD) DIRECTIONS (NO 4), commencing 11.59pm on 5 June 2020, gatherings on or in a motor vehicle, boat or aircraft are exempt under Section 13(u) from restrictions on gatherings.

This means tourism operators may provide a service up to the number of persons normally permitted in their motor vehicle, boat, or aircraft. This may include more than 100 persons in an indoor space or more than one person per two square metres.

Skydive Geronimo adopts COVID-19 hygiene protocols and practices, including undertaking thorough cleaning and providing sanitizer products, and physical distancing for staff and customers as much as possible.

Our Equipment

Skydive Geronimo use Relative Workshop Sigma Micron parachuting systems. These systems are considered to be the safest skydive technology in the worldwide market. Our qualified parachute packers inspect the condition of the gear after every jump and perform scheduled checks and maintenance. All of our Tandem skydive systems are equipped with the latest in back-up automatic opening systems.

Our Plane

Our GA8 Airvan is luxury in skydiving aircraft! On the flight up to altitude, you will have your very own large window to take in the spectacular views of Rottnest Island. This aircraft is maintained to charter standard, under strict regulation by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA.)

Our Jump Pilot Team all have their Commercial Pilots’ licenses (not a legal requirement in Australia), and Jump Pilot rating.

Amazing experience

“Amazing amazing amazing! Can’t explain the amazing experience unless you try it!”

- thyonmingfeeg

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