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Age Is No Barrier – Lila

The Back Story

Lilas daughter, Laurel, contacted us to book herself, her Mum and a couple of friends in to do a skydive.

It was something they’d all thought about doing at one time or another, and finally got around to organising it when they would have plenty of family around to watch!

“I have just wanted to do a tandem jump for a very long time, my Grandson Skigh said it was great and I would love it. And I thought it would be the closest to God I would get … so when the opportunity arose to jump with my daughter I was all for it” – Lila

The Planning

Laurel didn’t really have any special requests, other than a great weather forecast as they were driving up from Denmark specifically to do the jump!

However, she did mention that her Mum (Lila) is 82, and would that be a problem? We of course said, not at all!! As long as she had no medical issues (no worries there, she is one healthy lady!) and was happy for us to throw her out of a plane, we were excited to meet her and take her up.

There was plenty of communication between our team and Laurel in the week leading up to the jump, mostly about the weather! Understandably, they didn’t want to drive 4.5hours to spend the day on the ground in the rain!!

We took one last look at the forecast on Friday afternoon, the day before their jump, and decided it was well worth them driving up, the weather was looking great!

The Execution

Lila was ready and raring to go when they arrived for the jump.

She didn’t have an ounce of nerves, and had all our staff in stitches as she was telling off her daughter for fussing over her!

And what did she think of her first skydiving experience?…

“It was the most exciting thing I have ever done, better than hot air ballooning or gliding which was lovely, but not as exciting as jumping out of that airplane… it was just something else entirely! The adrenalin lasted for about a fortnight and I still get a rush when reliving it.

I was really thrilled that I had done it, I wouldn’t call it bravery, I was not scared at all, not nervous or frightened, not apprehensive, didn’t feel at any time in fear… just excited about doing it, I simply put my life in Glenns hands and just enjoyed the moment… he was a lovely young man and I felt completely safe.”

The Aftermath

This is our favourite part of Lila’s story!

After her skydive, Lilas amazing family put together a beautiful “brag” book, to show off all her best skydiving pictures!

She says – “It is on my coffee table ALWAYS for all to view and I have 6 children and their respective partners, 14 grandchildren most with partners and 9 great grandchildren come January, so there is a constant stream of visitors to my home which I love to share”.

Then she entered her favourite skydiving picture into the ‘That’s Life Magazine’ RealVOLUTION competition…and won! Her caption for the fantastic picture of her and Glenn in freefall was:

“I love that I have my health, caring family and energy for life’s adventures, and at 82 this was my latest – a 10,000ft skydive” – Lila