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An Accelerated Freefall Journey – Brodie

Have you been thinking about taking up skydiving as a sport or hobby?!

We get a lot of queries from people who want to take up skydiving as a sport/hobby and they always have lots of questions…and while we will of course happily answer them all we thought it might be nice to get one of our regular sports jumpers, Brodie, to share his experience!


Brodie came to us in March 2014 and said he wanted to become a skydiver…we of course said “Awesome!! Come on in and let’s get started!”.

We asked him how he caught the skydiving bug?

“After doing a couple of tandems it was something I’d been wanting to do for awhile. I had some spare time, so booked in on the next solo course. I wish I’d done it sooner!” – Brodie


Brodie works FIFO, so we organised an Accelerated Freefall Course for when he was home for a week; he completed the first 4 levels, then reluctantly went back to work.

Jumping straight back into it the next time he was home (pun intended!), Brodie finished off the following 6 levels, successfully completing the AFF course.

When we asked him to think back about what part of the training he found the hardest, here’s what he had to say:

“The most difficult part was having to work, when all I wanted to do was skydive!”

Under the supervision of our Chief Instructor Glenn, and with the help of our other awesome Instructors, Brodie soon learnt to pack his own rig & was jumping solo as much as the weather would allow when he was home!

Even though he had to fit skydiving in around work, Brodie gained his A licence only 4 weeks after completeing the AFF course, meaning he could technically jump whenever he wanted, at any dropzone in Australia.


Brodie is now a part of the fun/crazy family out at the dropzone (and his dog Greg!), and when we talked to him about writing his story he was a little shy about it, but keen to help out if it gets more people into skydiving, he just loves it!

To wrap things up we asked him a few final questions…

How often do you jump now?

“As often as I can. I work an 8 on, 6 off roster, so if the weather is good and there are jumps on at the Dropzone when I’m home, I’m there.”

And how many jumps have you done?

“200 and counting!…this number goes up almost everyday.”

What’s your favourite thing about skydiving?

“It’s too hard to list just one! Everything about skydiving is good! Constantly being challenged and the sense of achievement that I get when I reach a goal; the people I’ve met through skydiving and even the dropzone; it’s not just a place to go skydiving, it’s somewhere I can go and hang out with awesome people, now my friends.”