We’ll show you why the cooler months are a great time for skydiving on Rottnest.

The stunning bays and beaches of Rottnest are one of the island’s defining features, and while taking the plunge into their turquoise waters may not be high on the agenda during the cooler months, taking the plunge out of an aeroplane for a birds’ eye view of these spectacular sights is a must!

The Rottnest skydive operator

Skydive Geronimo was established in 2010 and has been offering tandem skydives over Rottnest since 2016.

Co-founder and owner, Glenn Stutt has close on 20 000 skydives under his belt and he’s the company’s chief instructor. All the other instructors are highly qualified and experienced with over 4 000 skydives each.

Skydiving options

You have three options for your tandem skydive:

  • 15 000 ft 66 seconds free fall
  • 14 000ft 60 seconds free fall
  • 10 000ft 30 seconds free fall

If you’re a first-timer, the company recommends jumping from 14 000 feet which gives you spectacular views over Perth City, the coastline and of course, Rottnest as you climb to altitude.

Only tandem jumps are permitted on Rottnest Island.

Incredible beach landings

As we said, the cooler months may not be ideal for frolicking in the waves, but they’re perfect for skydiving! You’ll land on one of three pristine Rottnest beaches at Salmon Bay, Thompson Bay or Bickley Bay.

The cool weather is great for skydiving, but what if it rains?

Safety is paramount, and making sure that the conditions are right is always a priority. In fact, all skydives are weather-dependent regardless of the time of year, and should the weather not play its part (rain, heavy cloud, wind etc), you can always reschedule your booking or get a refund of your deposit.

Opening hours

During winter, Skydive Geronimo will be offering Rottnest skydives 6 days per week. They do recommend booking in advance as it is an extremely popular activity, even in the cooler months and they often sell out.

How much does it cost?

It’s impossible to put a cost to a priceless experience, but most people find that skydiving is surprisingly affordable. This blog on the Skydive Geronimo website explains more about the cost of skydiving in Perth.

A tandem skydive over Rottnest from 10 000 ft costs less than $370, with the price going up slightly as the altitudes increase.

The good news is that Skydive Geronimo is offering an even cheaper deal over winter, great if you are looking for the hottest ticket in town during the cooler months.

Remember, for the price you pay, you get around two hours of adrenalin-fuelled adventure and fun plus a lifetime of memories. As they say in the classics, that’s priceless!

Skydive Geronimo also offers several combo packages with various transport options.

How to book your Rottnest skydive

You can call the company anytime on 1300 449 669 or book online.