Going skydiving over Rottnest? Here’s how to get to the island.

If you’ve booked a tandem jump with Skydive Geronimo, you’ll need to get yourself to Rottnest Island first. Escaping to an island paradise such as Rotto is serene and relaxing, even if you are going there primarily to jump from a perfectly good airplane.


Your skydive may be the highlight of your visit but always plan to stay on the island for as long as you can and really make the most of it. There’s much to do: swimming, snorkelling, biking, sunbathing, eating, drinking, exploring, and of course, quokka selfies.


There are different ways to get to Rottnest Island, and in this post, we’ll cover the best ones, including our free ferry deal.


The most popular way to arrive to Rotto is by ferry. Three ferry companies travel to the Indian Ocean island daily: Rottnest Fast Ferries, Sealink and Rottnest Express.


Rottnest Express departs Barrack Street Jetty in Perth city, Fremantle’s Northport, and B-Shed frequently. The trip is about 2 hours from Perth, 45 minutes from Northport, and a mere 30 minutes from B-Shed. Direct service from Perth is also available, which takes 1.5 hours. One-way adult prices start at $69, which includes the island admission fee.


Rottnest Fast Ferries leaves from Hillarys Boat Harbour, north of Perth city, each day. The route arrives at Rottnest in just 40 minutes. They offer free pick-service from your hotel, and if you have your own car, free parking at Hillarys. Adult fares start at $68.50 inclusive of the government’s admission surcharge.

Sealink Rottnest Island is Perth’s newest ferry service offering sea transportation to Rottnest from B-Shed in Fremantle. Sealink offer great fares with one-way to Rottnest at just $49.50, including the island entrance charge. During the peak summer period, they run several trips per day, with reduced service in the shoulder and winter seasons.

Skydive and Ferry Packages with Skydive Geronimo


At Skydive Geronimo, we know that to jump with us, you must get yourself to Rottnest, that’s why we offer awesome Rottnest Skydive and Ferry Transfer packages. We suggest arriving early, complete your skydive, enjoy the afterglow over your complimentary beverage, then you’ll have the rest of the day to discover the beauty and serenity of Rottnest Island.


And the best part about booking your skydive and ferry as a package? It’ll save you money.


Yep, it’s cheaper as a combo, and not only that, but it’s easier too. When you book the package, we’ll take care of your ferry reservation so you don’t have to worry about another booking. And if by chance the weather is not good for jumping on your chosen day, we’ll re-schedule everything for you. Done and done.


Don’t miss your chance to get to Rottnest Island for FREE!


That’s right, we’ve teamed up with the crew at Sealink to offer tandem skydive passengers a complimentary return ferry transfer to Rottnest from Fremantle. Our limited free ferry offer will expire on April 30, 2019, so don’t wait. Grab yourself a wicked deal now.


If you love being in the air and want to get to Rotto faster than a ferry, Rottnest Air Taxi will get you there in 12 minutes. And that’s 12 minutes of jaw-dropping visuals as you fly from Jandakot Airport taking in the city and ocean views from 2000 feet. There are several departure times each day, so there’s a good chance of finding a flight time to suit your schedule. Rottnest Air Taxi has two planes: a 4-seater and a 7-seater, which means these are little planes that cater to single and small groups. There’s a charge for the aircraft, so the more passengers, the less you will need to pay. The return airfare may be as low as $164 per person. And the best news? No hidden fees. Even parking at the airport is included in the price.

If you want to arrive on the island like a VIP, take a helicopter. Our friends at Corsaire Aviation offer scenic flights to Rottnest from Jandakot Airport or the Crown Towers Casino and Hotel. Not only will your transportation be all class, but it’s also one of those next-level experiences. Imagine a helicopter ride and a tandem skydive all in one day!


As we leave our “Fly” choices and head into our “Float” options, let’s mention how you can get a combination of both. Swan River Seaplanes provides day tours to Rottnest Island with take-off from the Swan River in Perth. Taking off and landing on the water is a unique experience worthy of all bucket lists.


If you’re lucky enough to have your own boat or have a mate with a pleasure boat, you’re welcome to take a leisurely sail to Rottnest Island. Mooring and jetty pens are managed by the Rottnest Island Authority, and even visitors arriving by their own means need to pay the island admission charges. There’s a lot to know before you go by boat, so please read this information about boating to Rottnest Island.


That pretty much covers your best options to get to Rottnest Island from Perth for your tandem skydive and a fabulous day out.


Skydive Geronimo is the only company offering island skydives in Western Australia, and there’s no better place to jump than over Perth’s favourite holiday getaway, Rottnest Island.


Don’t miss out, score your free ferry pass with your skydive this summer








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