Skydiving is sometimes perceived as a premium experience which is limited to thrill-seekers who have big wallets.

The reality is that skydiving is actually surprisingly affordable – and those who took the plunge always say that their experience was priceless!

So, let’s dispel some myths and take a look at what skydiving in Perth actually costs.

If you jump with Skydive Geronimo, a tandem jump from 10 000 ft over some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the world will cost you less than $370.  For that, you get around two hours of adrenalin-fuelled adventure and fun including transport to the airport, an amazing flight to altitude, a tandem jump with a highly experienced instructor, a beach landing and a chilled drink afterwards to celebrate.  Plus you get a lifetime of memories!

The cost goes up slightly for jumps from higher altitudes – with our ultimate skydiving experience from 15 000 ft giving you a massive 66 seconds freefall time costing $499.  This is the highest legal altitude which you can jump from in Australia.  And we always guarantee our altitudes.

You’ll also find we have some great combo deals which give you even greater bang for your buck.  For example, we offer skydive and ferry packages, skydive and helicopter packages and a value deal which includes your skydive and flights to Rottnest.  We even have a special proposal package for lovebirds wanting to take their commitment to the new heights!

Want more info on Perth skydiving prices?  Here are some FAQs which should clear up any queries.

Are there any admin costs, membership fees or extra levies?

No.  Our quoted price is all-inclusive with no unexpected surprises.

Are there additional costs over the weight limit?

For your safety, Skydive Geronimo has a weight limit of 95kgs for all tandem skydiving passengers.  With prior assessment and approval, it may be possible to take passengers weighing up to 110kgs.  All jumpers – regardless of weight – pay the same.

Do I get value for money?

The skydive experience (including the flight to altitude) takes around two hours, excluding travel to and from the island.  And so when you consider the whole experience in terms of what’s involved, it actually adds up to awesome value for a morning or afternoon of breathtaking fun!

And if you know someone who is keen to fly high, you can always help them on their way with a Skydive Geronimo gift voucher.

Check out our detailed price list for skydiving in Perth.  Our website also has a heap of information about the company, our qualified instructors, what to expect on your Rottnest skydive, beach landing spots, how to book etc.