Outdoor vs Indoor Skydiving – Which Option to Choose?

By Skydive Geronimo Jan 06, 2017

Indoor Skydiving Is Sweeping Australia With Perth Being the Latest City to Host a Wind Tunnel.

Indoor skydiving is quickly becoming the hottest action-adventure sport in Australia. But what is it exactly? Indoor “skydiving” is performed in a vertical wind tunnel, which is a massive glass cylinder powered by a wind generator that allows you to fly your body. It gives a similar sensation to free-fall, without having to jump from a plane or wear a parachute. If you want to try skydiving in a wind tunnel or from an airplane, there are a few differences to know. In this post, we compare indoor skydiving to outdoor skydiving that may help you make a decision before booking your free-fall fun.

What’s to Love About Indoor Skydiving

There’s no doubt about it, flying your body in a vertical wind tunnel is good fun. And believe it or not, it’s (almost) as nerve-racking as jumping from an aeroplane for the first time.

Adrenalin will pump through your veins as you get ready to “jump” or lean onto the air. The airflow comes from above the flight chamber, and circulates around the tunnel at speeds of up to 250 km/ph. Once in, you’ll float on the air rather than fall through it.

Like most action activities, your adventure will start with a short training exercise before your tunnel time. You’ll be given a flight suit, goggles and a helmet to wear. There may be other flyers booked in at the same time so you will share your chosen time slot with them. After you’re geared up you’ll enter the wind tunnel, one by one, with an experienced coach. For the next minute, you’ll get to fly your body (with help and guidance). Each introductory flyer package includes two 1-minute flights.

Skydivers and military personnel have used wind tunnels for many years as a way to train without the need for parachutes, airplanes or good weather. As the sport of skydiving becomes more popular, so does wind tunnel training. Indoor skydiving or bodyflight as a stand-alone sport is also on the rise.

What makes indoor skydiving popular:

  • All weather sport
  • No heights
  • No airplane
  • No parachutes
  • Lower cost
  • Friends and family can watch
  • Ages 3 and older can take part
  • It’s physically challenging
  • Open 364 days a year
  • Long operating hours – day and night
  • No license required
  • Longer “free-fall” time per flight
  • Can accelerate your flying skills (popular with licensed skydivers)
  • Will prepare you for tandem skydiving (with Skydive Geronimo of course!)

The Best of Outdoor Skydiving

Sure, indoor skydiving is hot right now but the real skydiving, outdoor skydiving, is still making its way onto many bucket lists. And for good reason.

You can’t replicate the rush of sitting in an open doorway of an airplane 14,000 feet above the earth. You’ll never know what it feels like when a parachute opens unless you do an outdoor skydive. The elation of landing that parachute on terra firma can only be discovered by doing.

Jumping from an airplane is a challenge; an activity many people feel that if they can do it, they can do anything. Tandem skydiving makes the challenge a bit easier because you’re with an experienced skydiving instructor the entire time.

Whether you’re doing your first tandem skydive or you’re a licensed skydiver, outdoor skydiving will always have a top spot in the world of action-adventure sports.

Top reasons to try outdoor skydiving:

  • Experience high adrenalin
  • Get to jump from a plane
  • Scenic flight to altitude (such as over Rottnest Island)
  • Beautiful views from 14,0000 feet
  • Embrace the great outdoors
  • Mentally challenging
  • Allows to you step out of your comfort zone
  • Forces you to stay in the present moment
  • Fly a parachute/canopy
  • Beach and island landings
  • As a tandem passenger, you don’t have to wear a jumpsuit or helmet
  • Could be life changing
  • You could become a licensed skydiver

So, there you have it. The best bits of indoor skydiving and the top reasons to skydive  outdoors. Skydiving from an airplane and flying in a vertical wind tunnel are sports that compliment each other. Each come with their own benefits and excitements. Whichever way you choose to get your body in the air will be the right decision for you. But be warned, one may lead to the other.


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