If you’re considering skydiving, you are probably wondering whether it is worth the money.  It’s not cheap, so it’s perfectly understandable that you want to weigh up whether the experience is worth the investment.

Whether skydiving is worth the money is a good question, but as it involves personal opinion, the answer will depend on who you ask.

We think the answers will be pretty much black and white.  Those in the ‘NO’ camp are likely to firmly rooted on terra firma, but those who say ‘YES’ (and it’s likely to be an emphatic ‘YES’!) are likely to have experienced the breathtaking adrenalin rush for themselves.

Let’s look at why people say that skydiving is worth every dollar:

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Many people have skydiving on their bucket lists.  It’s not just a thrill ride.  It’s about facing fears and conquering the world.  The challenge, the experience and the achievement is infinitely more valuable than the actual cost.

It’s a life-changing experience 

Jumping out of a plane at 14 000 feet is no mean feat.  It’s a proper challenge and for many people, the realisation that they had the courage to actually do it, can be life-changing.   Self-belief is massively powerful and seeing someone step out of their comfort zone and float gently onto the landing zone when they doubted themselves is a beautiful thing.

There’s much more to a skydiving operation than meets the eye

The cost of a skydive isn’t just about a moment in time.  It takes substantial investment to ensure you have the safest, most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.  And that means continuous investment in training and best practices, infrastructure, top level aircraft maintenance and high quality equipment.  That’s why when you buy a Rottnest skydiving package from Skydive Geronimo, you can be totally confident that you’re getting the best there is.

Enjoy life-long memories

The cost of a skydive may seem fairly steep, but consider the fact that you get life-long memories.  You’ll never forget the plane ride as you climb to altitude (especially when you’re doing a Rottnest skydive over some of the most magnificent coastal scenery in Australia).  You’ll never the adrenalin rush as you stepped off the plane.  Nor will you forget the jaw-dropping thrill of freefall.  You won’t forget the perfect peace of floating above the earth and how you felt floating down to your spectacular beach landing.  Money doesn’t last forever, but your memories will.

It’s an investment in optimism

Covid-19 cast a pall over the world.  There’s now light at the end of what seemed like a very dark tunnel and although things are returning to a new normal, the world is a changed place.  Skydiving will literally lift your spirits …. 14 000 feet in the air!  It can renew your sense of adventure, excitement and fun and the money you spend on skydiving will be an investment in optimism – and we could all do with a healthy dose of that!

It’s empowering

Covid-19 also brought a sense of a loss of control to many of us.  Sometimes, it actually felt like the pandemic was controlling our lives.  Treating yourself to a skydiving experience puts the power in your hands (and those of your trusted and experienced instructor of course!).  You will feel empowered and capable as you step up to the challenge – and you will be reminding yourself that you have the potential to do great things.

The final word…

We say the cost of skydiving isn’t about the money.   But if you’re thinking about doing a skydive and are a little concerned about whether you’re getting value for your hard-earned dollars, ask around.  See what others say about whether skydiving was worth the money.   We guarantee that your experience of a tandem skydive over Rottnest with Skydive Geronimo will be priceless!

We’d love you to visit our website to read what others say about whether skydiving was worth the money and to find out what your bucket-list experience will cost you.   We think you’ll be surprised!