Things to Know Before You Tandem Skydive

By Skydive Geronimo Jun 02, 2017

A First-Timer’s Guide to Tandem Skydiving

Booking and preparing for your first skydive is pretty exciting (and a bit scary). Now, that said, there are a few things to know before you tandem skydive.

Things that you may not have thought about. Things that will save you some hassles (like being reachable by phone). Things that will make you more comfortable (like what to or not to wear on a skydive). And things that will help you get the best skydiving experience ever.

In this post, we discuss the things to know before you tandem skydive so your jump will be the best it can be.


What to Wear on a Tandem Skydive

The most important thing to wear (aside from clothing) is closed-toed, flat shoes. Thongs (jandals, flip-flops, whatever you call them) and high-heels were not made for skydiving. Please wear shoes that will stay on your feet as you free-fall through the air at 200kmph.

Skydiving in Perth, especially in summer, allows you to wear (almost) anything you want. Many people choose to wear shorts and t-shirts in hot weather. Here at Skydive Geronimo, we land on beautiful beaches, so feel free to wear your swimmers under your clothes and go for a celebratory dip after your skydive.

Warning: be mindful of wearing very short and skimpy outfits. Body parts have been known to escape their confinements during free-fall. That could make for a video you won’t want to show Mum and Dad.

In winter, the temperatures are cooler so long pants and a jumper is best. We also have   lots fun and fuzzy jumpsuits that fit over your clothing to keep you warmer up there.

Whether the Weather Is Good Enough to Skydive

Skydiving is a weather dependant sport. If there’s low-lying cloud, electrical storms, rain or severe winds, skydiving will go “on hold” until the weather clears (if the forecast is positive). If the team determines the weather is not favourable, you will have the option to re-book for another day.

On iffy weather days it’s vital our skydiving crew be able to get in touch with you. When making your booking, please include an Australian-based phone number.

It’s also a good idea to re-confirm your skydive on the morning of your booking.

Allow Extra Time Around Your Skydive Booking

In general, your tandem skydive will take about 2 hours in total. That is, of course, if the weather is good and we are on schedule.

Let’s be honest, sometimes it doesn’t pan out that way.

So, if your schedule can be flexible, it’s a good idea to allow some space around your booking for unexpected delays. All this means is that we recommend that you don’t have back to back bookings with us and other tour operators.

If we are “on hold” for weather, we can suggest some things to do locally (there’s plenty on offer) to fill in the time.

Also, if you order a camera package (and most people do so they can share or re-live their experience), please allow an extra hour after your jump for editing and processing. Don’t worry, we’ve got that extra time covered with a free drink at a local bar or restaurant.

Before You Jump, Reduce the Chance of an Embarrassing Skydive Moment

Nobody likes to be embarrassed. Okay, maybe those guys from the Jackass movies like it  but for most, it’s a no-go.

Besides a possible wardrobe malfunction that we mentioned above, there are a couple things that may cause embarrassment during your tandem skydive.

Here are a few things to know before you go on your skydive.

  • Go to the toilet before you get geared up. Once you are in your harness, going for a pee will not be possible. Removal of the harness and re-entry needs be done by our professional skydiving crew.
  • Check your teeth. There is nothing worse than seeing a photo of your giant free-fall smile with a piece of spinach between your teeth.
  • Blow your nose. Yep, sinus explosions happen. A. Lot. It happens to the most beautiful, well-groomed people and it makes for a highly embarrassing (and messy) skydiving moment.

Ham It up for the Skydive Camera

Most first-time tandem skydivers order video and/or photo packages so they can document the event. It’s a super rad idea and one your friends and family will get a kick out of seeing.

 Remember, you’re the star of this mini movie so here are a few tandem tips to make it great.

  • Keep your chin up and look towards the horizon
  • Look into the camera lens
  • Smile
  • Have fun

  “Have a good look around and remember to look at the camera every so often,” says Paul Morton, Chief Instructor at Skydive Geronimo Busselton. “ Give the camera a thumbs up, some shakas  and just have fun with it.”

There you have it, a great list of things to know before you tandem skydive. Now, all you   need to do is get amongst it.

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