Meet the influencers who love skydiving

What do bloggers, ‘grammers, freelance writers, celebrities, reporters, professional athletes, and serial travellers all have in common? Most of them are up for a good time, and that’s why so many of these social influencers love skydiving.

At Skydive Geronimo, we’ve had the privilege of introducing skydiving to some of the most influential lovers of life who’ve then gone on to tell the world how much the experience has impacted their travels, mindset, confidence, and happiness.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to a handful of the social go-getters who love skydiving just as much as we do.


Sarah Tilleke

“Find me a happier person” is the caption on Sarah’s Instagram post of her jump over Rottnest Island. The model and Australian Survivor contestant jumped with skydiving instructor, Jimmy Baker in August 2018 and gave the experience a 10 out of 10. “If Skydive Geronimo isn’t on your bucket list, then do you even have a bucket list?” she asked her 34,000 followers. It definitely sounds like love to us. Right back at ya, Sarah xx.

Sarah Tilleke


Lauren Curtis
@lozcurtis and @laurencurtislounge

When top Insta-influencer and YouTube beauty vlogger Lauren Curtis visited Rottnest, skydiving was just going to be something she ticked off her bucket list; she didn’t expect to love it, but she did. “I absolutely loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat (which I didn’t think I would),” she said on her skydiving post that’s attracted nearly 14,000 likes. Her jump came only a week after the Perthite excitedly announced her new line of pyjamas and loungewear. Fashionista, model, influencer, skydiver…wonder what Lauren will do next?

Lauren Curtis



Monni is a serial backpacker who loves nothing more than jetting off on a whim and a prayer. When she landed in Broome, she was keen to make the most of her time there and what better way to see it from all angles than by tandem skydiving over Cable Beach. Monni, who was a participant on Channel Nine’s first season of Travel Guides, a reality TV show that sent six groups of everyday Australians around the world to give honest, no filter reviews, is such a travel nut and ambassador for the wanderlust life, she started her own travel agency, aptly named, Monni Travels. Monni jumped with Paul, Chief Instructor at our seasonal operations in Broome and Busselton, and judging by the epic smiles and comment attached to her Insta-pics, we think she’s thrilled to bits with her experience. “Skydive Geronimo is definitely on the list for one of the best dropzones in Aus,” she said. Wow, we’ll take that! Thanks.


Josh Sheehan and Travis Pastrana
@joshsheehan @travispastrana

When the Donnybrook Daredevil returned home with his mate Travis Pastrana for the Nitro Circus national tour in 2018, the adrenaline-loving duo took some time off to jump with us. Sure, it was a private party at the Sheehan family farm, and only licensed skydivers were permitted to jump, but it was a kick-arse day at the orchard. Josh learned to jump with Glenn, Geronimo’s big Chief, at our Busselton drop zone back in 2014 and has never looked back. Now, he solo skydives whenever he’s FMX-training near a skydiving centre. Learn more about Josh’s love for skydiving in this post.

Man flying through the air on a motorcycle.


Jesse James

With over 18K followers on Instagram, Miss Jesse James is no doubt the most Insta-famous and socially-influencing member of our staff. She’s a fun-seeker who loves travelling and loves skydiving so what better way to spend your days than combining the two passions and traipsing around the globe. Jesse spent the winter at our Broome drop zone and captured some amazing shots of the region.

Jesse James Skydiving


Juelz Jarry

When Juelz Jarry moved to Bunbury to host HitFM’s breakfast show earlier this year, she had no idea that a couple months later she and her co-host, Jesse Watkins, would be thrown from a plane over the Busselton Jetty. She took it in her stride, dressed up as a giraffe, and screamed her way through her 14,000ft jump. “You guys are AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for the best experience ever!!! Just saw a bit of footage from the jump and the whole office is dying with laughter,” she said on our Instagram post. We do like to entertain the people, Juelz; thanks for being our muse.

Juelz Jarry


We absolutely love it when our customers post their skydiving photos on Facebook, Instagram and on their blogs and websites. Sharing your experience is a great way to organically influence others to have a go. Be sure to tag us @skydivegeronimo and if you haven’t fallen in love with skydiving yet, why not book a jump and see what all the fuss is about?