There’s something so magical about Rottnest Island that it evokes wonder in everyone who steps onto its pearly white beaches.

With its breathtakingly beautiful natural surroundings, laid-back fun in the sun and the sea and an array of experiences on offer, it’s easy to see why it has been a treasured favourite among generations of holidaymakers.

Let’s imagine for a moment how a child might remember their first family holiday on Rotto.

It all starts with the planning and packing…and the anticipation of what lies in store.  And then eventually D-day dawns and it’s finally time for the first adventure – the ferry ride.  Walking the gangplank.   Choosing where to sit.  Begging mum and dad for a snack from the vending machine.  Being mesmerised by the wake as the huge boat steams across the swell.  Going up to the top level for some breezy views.  And then all of a sudden 45 minutes is up, the captain has docked the ferry and the holiday is here!

Then there’s the excitement of discovering where the accommodation is (it’ll be along a spectacular beach somewhere) and maybe the family will even have a fun bus ride to get there.  Whether camping or in cabins, settling in probably means a brief squabble with siblings about who sleeps where and then it’s time to unpack and get going.  Mom will probably dish out something cool to drink and a quick bite before everyone puts on their bathers, slips, slaps and slops on the sun cream and heads off to explore.

Family holidays on Rottnest mean quality time together with none of the distractions and stresses of everyday life.

Hiring bikes (or if you’re organised, jumping on your own two wheels which you brought with you) and discovering secret bays and beaches is one of best things a family can do together – and because Rotto is car-free, kids will remember the carefree exhilaration of being allowed to ride freely along roads and paths.

Every child will also remember the myriad different playgrounds dotted around the island and the hours of fun they spent on slides, swings, rope climbing frames, tunnels and more.  They may even have been lucky enough to spend time at the mini golf course and trampolines or tried their hand (or is that sea-legs?) at stand-up paddleboarding or other water-based activity at Aqua Play.

And don’t forget the underwater playground that Rottnest is so famous for.

The reefs and rocky bays are teeming with incredible marine life and the fishing is legendary, which is why every child will remember catching a big one at Rotto!  Shore fishing is great fun and likely to yield a skippy or a herring, and you’re sure to snag a squid at night from one of the bays or the main jetty where they’re attracted to the lights.

But while beach days, snorkelling, fishing, cycling, quokka selfies, barbeques on the deck, board games in the evening and adventures in the playground are all things that families can do together, there is one thing that young kids can’t do on Rotto.  And that’s jump out of a plane.  That adrenalin rush is reserved for thrill-seekers over the age of 12 (under 18s need parental or guardian consent).

But one thing is for certain.  When a child watches their parent parachute gently onto the soft white sand of a pristine beach after a thrilling free-fall from 15 000ft, they’ll never forget that magical moment.

There’s no feeling in the world like leaping from a plane over the most spectacular coastal scenery, trusting implicitly in the safe and secure support of an experienced professional tandem instructor – and it’s all possible with the Perth skydive professionals, Skydive Geronimo.  And while your under 12s won’t be able to participate, they will be able to watch everything that goes on and will be transported from the airport (where you take off) to the landing area.  Just imagine their ‘show and tell’ at school with that awesome story to share!

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