Rottnest boasts some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in Western Australia and each of its 63 beaches, 20 bays and five coves has something special to offer.

But among all the popular favourites and insta-worthy spots are some hidden gems which showcase everything that Rotto is famous for.  Indescribably beautiful pearly beaches.   Secret shaded spots in the shadows of ancient limestone rock formations.  Cool, calm and clear sea in a hundred shimmering hues of blue.   Colourful coral formations and kaleidoscopic marine life.   Invigorating sea spray from wild surf crashing onto the reef.

Here are some of Rotto’s best hidden beaches, but sshhhh, keep them on the lowdown because you wouldn’t want the rest of the world to find your secret sanctuary, would you?

Parakeet Bay

Secluded from the wind and protected by sand dunes, Parakeet Bay near the Geordie Bay Settlement is one of the best spots for some peaceful relaxation.

Little Armstrong Bay

This stunning little north-facing beach isn’t visible from the road, so it’s a true hidden gem!   It’s protected by steep bluffs and rocky outcrops, and has a small sliver of beach extending into the surrounding shallow reefs.  The waters in Little Armstrong Bay are unusually calm and are therefore ideal for swimming and snorkelling – and if you explore the surrounding outcrops, you’ll discover some incredible rock pools.

Mary Cove

This quiet spot is in a sanctuary zone, so you can swim and snorkel to your heart’s content without worrying about disturbing anyone’s fishing line!  Natural rock formations and the surrounding reefs also form a barrier against the swell, so the calm waters are ideal for a relaxing dip or snorkel.

Fish Hook Bay

The West End of Rotto (aka the Wild side) is just that.  Wild and wonderful with spectacular ocean views.   Some say there’s nothing between the West End and Africa, but a closer look will reveal a treasure trove of marine life, natural beauty AND hidden spots.  Fish Hook Bay is one of those.  Accessible only by boat and part of a protected sanctuary zone, it’s known for its distinctive shape of …you guessed it… a fish hook.  Soft sandy shores, turquoise sea, great scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities and the rugged beauty of the surrounding rocks make this a true paradise.

Marjorie Bay

This has been called one of the most beautiful bays on Rottnest – and for good reason.  At the eastern end of the 600m long beach there’s a stunning natural lagoon formation in the reef which is perfect for a refreshing dip or for lazing on a floatie.

These are just some of the island’s lesser-known gems but truth be told, it’s not really possible to pick a favourite among all of Rotto’s spectacular bays and beaches.  Even the perennially popular ones like Pinky’s Beach, the Basin, Fay’s Bay, Ricey Bay and the three beaches which are approved for Rottnest skydiving parachute landings (Salmon Bay, Thomson Bay and Bickley Bay) are simply stunning and it’s always possible to find your own special space anytime and anywhere along the coastline of this aquatic paradise.