• Marriage Proposal on the beach

The Ultimate Skydive Proposal Idea – Luke and Rachel

The Back Story

On a working holiday in Australia, Luke & Rachel were a long way from their Pembrokeshire home in Wales when Luke contacted us saying he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, and needed our help.

They were 6 months into their travels in Australia, having already spent a year in NZ, and had talked about going skydiving whilst over there. Fortunately, they never got the chance, so this gave Luke the perfect excuse to put together an incredible proposal!

The Planning

By the time Luke contacted us to enquire about booking the proposal/skydiving surprise, he was pretty certain of what he wanted.

Luke – “I decided Busselton was to be the location when my folks visited over Dec/Jan last year. We wanted to do the jetty but it was far too busy so I said to Rach we’d come back down and do it.

I decided that I wanted to make a proposal that expressed my personality and went against the grain of the normal proposals.

Going down on one knee in a restaurant just isn’t me as I’m sure most people knowing me would agree.

We talked lots about doing a Skydive in New Zealand a year before but didn’t get round to it.

So when I was planning the proposal a skydive was at the front of the list. It was then a question of finding a sky dive company that could accommodate my wishes…of course you guys were more than accommodating!!”

That’s where we came in…

His request was fairly straight forward, he wanted:

– Both of them to do the highest tandem skydive possible (15000ft)

– To jump over the stunning Geographe Bay

– For him to land first so he could propose once she’d landed

– Everything to be filmed, from both of their perspectives

– The whole thing to be a ginormous surprise!

We said, yes, we can definitely do that…and more! We told him we have a massive “Marry Me?” sign, which we could lay out for Rachel to see from about 1500ft coming into land, we would organize a bunch of roses for him to give her, and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate at the beautiful Goose Café afterwards. He was thrilled!

From there it was just a matter of pinning down a date and time, and him coming up with a plan to actually get her to us!

The Execution

Having been to Busselton previously and not had a chance to do the Jetty ride and Underwater observatory, this gave Luke the perfect reason for their trip to Busselton from Perth.

Did Rachel have any idea of what was to come?..

Rachel – “I can honestly say that I had no idea on the plans ahead. We had a beautiful car journey down to Busselton that morning with Luke and I singing our hearts out to Rude by Magic which was playing on the car radio…..what must have been going through Luke’s mind at that time.

When we pulled into the airfield I was so overwhelmed and excited. “Yes we are finally getting to do a skydive together” I thought, I had no idea that a proposal was to come with it”.

The surprise played out perfectly on the day.

When they arrived at our dropzone Rachel was not dressed for skydiving, but being the smart guy that he is, Luke had packed her a change of suitable clothes. So, while she changed, this gave him an opportunity to hand the engagement ring to our ground staff for safekeeping until he landed (we didn’t want him to lose it in freefall!!).

We had an awesome time getting these two ready for their skydive, they’d brought their mascot ‘Chelsea The Kiwi’ along for the ride as well, so we made sure she was securely attached to Rachels harness, and got some great ‘before footage’ of them both!

Then it was time to jump!!

“The feelings I had when jumping out of the plane are indescribable, and in some ways I feel I need to do a second jump to fully appreciate the experience” – Rachel

Let alone jumping out of a perfectly good plane, we thought Luke would be nervous about proposing, but he was cool, calm and collected the whole time

“I was never nervous of the proposal itself, I was only nervous for good weather…and what a stunning day we had!!” – Luke.

The banner was set up on the beach, our ground staff were waiting with the ring and flowers, then Luke landed…and waited for Rachel

“When Glenn pointed out the proposal banner to me it felt like a life time until our feet hit the sand, and then the most amazing thing happened to me!

I mean just an hour earlier Luke dropped the bombshell that we were going to do a skydive and then I’m seeing a ‘will you marry me’ banner. I just felt like I was dreaming and then reality kicked in and with it my emotions” – Rachel

Needless to say, she said YES!!

The Aftermath

Since their incredible day with us, Luke and Rachel have not only returned home to start planning their wedding (which we are certain is going to be one amazing day!), they have also become a little bit famous!

Their story was picked up by media in their hometown, first Lukes old employers the Celtic Quest Coasteering ran their story, then The Daily Mail, The Western Telegraph, The Huffington Post and all of the local West Aussie papers!

The awesome video of their experience has also received over 97000 views on YouTube!