The weekend away…

When the weather is wet and wild and there is no jumping to be had here at Southern Skydivers we have to keep ourselves busy in other ways so I set off on an adventure along the windy wonderful Caves Road to drop off brochures at all the hot spots along the way to Margaret River.

I was astounded at how many amazing places there are to stay in Margaret River and the luxury of some these places took my breath away. It really got me to thinking how lucky we are to have a company located in such an amazing area!

Many people when they are looking into booking their skydive are on a one tracked mind, not surprising!! But for a once in a lifetime experience shouldn’t we be asking ourselves…why not make a weekend of it???

This is the wonderful thing about Southern Skydivers, located only 2 and half hours South of Perth, with all South West’s treasures on our doorstep you can enjoy more than the Skydive itself!! Imagine booking yourself in for a weekend away at a luxury retreat in some hidden spot like a little gem waiting to be discovered… with wineries galore and stretches of beautiful ocean to explore you could make the day you skydive into a really memorable weekend!!

The accommodation is plentiful down here and a lot of the luxury accommodation available has wonderful restaurants and spas as well. Injinup Spa, Windmills Break, Merribrook Retreat and Gilgara Retreat were among some of my favourites I discovered along the way!

Five star accommodation is not the only thing on the menu!

Although the thought of a luxury retreat somewhere is all too tempting, it may not match everyone’s pockets, which is why there is a lot of more affordable accommodation as well.

There are many fantastic chalet and lodge type places scattered all over the Margaret River region or Holiday parks and resorts that are perfect for a family or group get away. Abbey Beach Resort springs to my mind and is only 10 minutes drive to the drop zone!!

So I will leave you with this picture… Friday night and work is over, you and your friends have hopped in the car and are making your way down to Margaret River to check into your spa retreat!! Saturday morning arrives with a massage and then you are off to do your tandem skydive with Southern Skydivers from 14,000ft!! What a blast that was… a free drink from Southern skydivers at the Goose café sets you up for the evening to come, dinner and drinks at the winery of your choice. Sunday knocks on the door with a happy belly breakfast! A walk along the picturesque coastline revives you for a quick pit stop at the brewery down the road and the journey home! Yep sounds pretty good to me!!