Our team at Southern Skydivers love an excuse to dress up, we love to jump out of planes (obviously!) and we love animals!…so we leapt at the chance to combine all these wonderful things and all to support a very good cause!

1st – 5th June is World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Wild Onesie Week,’ so we have decided to don Onesies and take a walk (or jump as the case may be) on the wild side, in an effort to raise money for the WWF.

When one of our regular sports jumpers mentioned this great fundraising week to us we knew it was something we all wanted to get involved with, so we gathered around the computer and ordered our onesies straight away. It was amazing how excited we all were just choosing our animals, so you should have seen our faces when they arrived!

We now have some awesome new team-members…lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!

It’s hard to imagine a world without rock-wallabies, pandas, tigers, turtles or orang-utans, but sadly, that’s the way these precious animals are heading…

Here’s how you can help!

For every Tandem Skydive customer who wears a Onesie in free fall on Saturday 6th June, Southern Skydivers will donate $20.00 to WWF!


To support our team & the real animals, please make a donation:


Tell your friends about the Southern Skydivers ‘Wild Onesie Week’ Team.

Funds raised will support WWF’s essential conservation work in protecting endangered species and their homes in Australia and abroad.

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Thanks so much for your support.