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Skydiving in Winter with Geronimo Rottnest?

The weather is a bit cooler, but you still want to experience an epic Geronimo skydive… What’s it like? Is it just as good as jumping in summer?

Yes! We love skydiving in winter, just as much as in summer (sometimes more!)

A great thing about skydiving in Perth is that it’s never too cold. Both of our Chief Instructors are from New Zealand so they know what it’s like to jump in freezing conditions.

In Western Australia, a warm jumper and jeans is usually sufficient clothing for a winter skydive. Of course, skydiving is weather dependant but as long as the conditions are safe to jump, we’re in the sky.

5 Reasons why Rottnest Skydiving in Winter is a Good Idea:

1. Lower winds

Have you ever noticed how strong the afternoon winds can be in Western Australia? The afternoon sea breeze (or ‘Fremantle doctor,’) occurs in the summertime due to the major temperature difference between land and sea.

These summer winds can effect skydive operations, so skydiving in winter might be a better option for you?

2. Chilled island vibes

You will have the island (almost!) to yourself when you travel to Rottnest Island during wintertime. There will be no waiting in line for your pie at the famous Rottnest Island Bakery or your coffee at The Lane Cafe.

After your skydive, rug up and grab a picnic lunch before heading to one of the islands’ secluded beaches. It’s much easier to find an isolated spot on Rottnest when the weather is cooler and there are fewer visitors on the island.

3.  Fantastic visibility

Clear winter days have better visibility than clear summer days. On a blue-sky day over Rottnest Island you will have incredible views of Perth City and WA Coastline beyond.

Our Geronimo Rottnest Chief Instructor, Glenn says: “On clear winter days you can almost see all the way to Busselton from altitude. These are pretty magical days to jump over Rottnest Island.”

4. Bike ride? No sweat

Planning on cycling around Rottnest Island after your skydive? There are more than 22 kilometers of cycle trails on the island, taking in unique coastline and wildlife. Your cycling adventure will be more enjoyable on a partly-cloudy winters day, as there is limited shade available around the island.

5. Great prices

Everyone loves a discount! Save some money on your Rotto day-trip, by travelling during the off-peak season.

Skydive Geronimo are offering a mega 15% off your tandem skydive this winter and also have discounted ‘Skydive and Ferry Packages‘ available. Further details below.

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Book Your Skydive + Ferry Now

WA’s favorite holiday island also offers great winter bargains on accommodation, golf packages and ferry packages. Head to www.rottnestisland.com to check out what’s on offer this winter.

Want to learn more about visiting Rottnest in winter? Check out our blog post.

The Deal

Tandem Skydive before 31st August 2018 and score the deal:

15% Off Rottnest Island Tandem Skydiving this Winter:

8,000ft Rottnest Island Tandem Skydive $280 (was $329)
10,000ft Rottnest Island Tandem Skydive $297 (was $349)
14,000ft Rottnest Island Tandem Skydive $382 (was $449)
15,000ft Rottnest Island Tandem Skydive $424 (was $499)


Rottnest Skydive and Rottnest Express ex Fremantle Ferry Package:

8,000ft Skydive and Ferry $336.50 (was $369.05)
10,000ft Skydive and Ferry $353.50 (was $388.05)
14,000ft Skydive and Ferry $438.50 (was $483.05)
15,000ft Skydive and Ferry $480.50 (was $530.55)

Redemption Instructions

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Jump booking date: 14th May 2018 – 31st August 2018

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