5 Reasons to Get Video Footage and Photos of Your Skydive

By Skydive Geronimo Apr 02, 2019

Everything You’ll Need to Know About Making the Best Skydiving Vids

When you turn up to the drop zone for your tandem skydive, we’ll greet you with smiling faces, legal waivers (such fun, aren’t we?), and examples of our amazing skydive video and photo packages.

We’ll show you some skydiving video clips, not only to get you in the mood, but also to let you know what you’ll get when you purchase our handcam video and photo package. We understand that you may have questions about the video package and wonder if you should bother getting it at all, especially when we’re asking you for more money.

So, to answer all your burning questions about handcam skydive video footage and photos, we’ve taken the time to lay it all out.  Right here. Right now. So, keep reading.

5 Reasons to Get Handcam Video and Photos of Your Skydive

  1. It’s Proof That You’re a Badass

Let’s face it, skydivers are cool and once you do your jump, you’ll be cool too. Maybe you need to prove this to your friends, co-workers, or maybe even yourself, but having the movie and photos gives you the goods to go along with your bragging rights.

  1. It Makes for Awesome Social Media Shares

Let all your friends and followers see just how brave you are by sharing your skydive video and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. How many likes can you get for that shot of you screaming your face off? Skydiving photos also make great Tinder profile pictures. Just saying.

  1. You’ll Get To Re-Live the Experience

You may not think it will happen to you, and maybe it won’t, but there’s this thing called sensory overload that may happen on your first jump. Sensory overload is when things are so intense and happening so fast (200kmph) that you may not remember every second of your time in free-fall. Watching the skydive video and seeing your photos lets you experience the awesomeness of jumping from a plane over and over.

  1. It Will Create a Buzzy Atmosphere at Home

 Not only will you get to re-live your skydive, your friends and family will get to live vicariously through you via your skydive video. Make a party of it and invite the fam over to watch over drinks and snacks. Place bets on which family member will be the next one to jump. Grandma? Aunty Bid? Your nerdy brother?

It Makes a Great Travel Souvenir

 Whether you’re an international, interstate, intrastate or Perth local, visiting Rottnest Island is a thrill in itself. On your way to altitude, you’ll get incredible views of the island and Indian Ocean. There’s nothing quite like seeing Rottnest from 15,000 feet above.

What Is a Handcam?

A handcam is a unique way of filming a tandem skydive! Your skydive instructor wears a specially-made glove for high-quality video and still photo cameras. The glove and cameras are worn on the left hand, which enables the instructor to get personal, close-up coverage of your jump. There’s no need to engage a second jumper so this is a very cost-effective way to film your skydive.

What Does the Handcam Video and Photo Package Cost?

The most popular package to capture your tandem skydive is our handcam video and photo package. This gives you a high-definition (HD) video of your skydive, which includes footage of you before you get in the plane, the scenic flight to altitude, the free-fall, opening and flying the canopy, and your safe return to the sandy shores of Rottnest Island. Back at our base, your skydive video is professionally edited and set to music to present a short film of your skydiving experience.

Your skydive instructor will also take still images along the way so you’ll have high-end pictures to share online or to print.

Our skydive handcam video and photo packages cost $150AUD.

If you’d prefer to get just the still photographs, the cost is $129. As there’s only a $21 difference, most customers buy the package.

How to Make Your Skydive Video and Photos Freaking Awesome

If you want your video and photos of you skydiving to look amazing, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, don’t be shy. The best photos are when the subject (that’s you) is engaged with the camera. Make eye contact and smile. Lots. Show everyone just how much you’re loving it, or how terrified you are (within reason). It’s all part of your skydiving journey.

Stay calm. Freaking out by kicking your legs like two-year-old in a tantrum, flapping your arms around like an angry duck or grabbing at stuff in a desperate attempt to ward off fun may make for a humorous film clip, but it will also make your skydive instructor’s job harder. Our experienced tandem masters work hard to keep you safe up there while giving you the time of your life. Go easy on them, please.

In saying all that, don’t spend so much of your time focussed on your trout pout or duck face that you miss the experience. Your skydive instructor will prompt you when the camera is in a good position to get the best angles and light, so follow their lead. The rest of the time, take in the scenery and feel the rush of adrenaline pumping through your bloodstream.

When Will I Receive My Photos and Video of My Skydive?

Photos are generally ready to share on the same day of your jump and your video will arrive to you via email within seven business days. Both mediums are delivered to you via a link, which makes them instantly sharable.

Can I Bring My GoPro or Camera Up for the Jump?

Only licensed skydivers with a C-level license or above are permitted to take a camera during skydiving. Therefore, as a tandem skydive passenger, you cannot take your own cameras or phones on your jump. In the name of safety for you, our instructors and anyone and anything on the ground, no objects can be with you during free-fall. We even ask you to empty your pockets and remove any jewellery that may become loose during the jump.

What Our Customers Think About Their Experience

Feast your eyes upon these lovely words from customers who purchased skydive video packages.

“What a great experience, highly recommend location and company. Think the picture says it all”. ~ Chris Rawcliffe

“My son did a skydive with Geronimo at Rottnest for his 21st birthday. It was one of the best experiences he has had and will never forget, with both pictures and video to always have”. ~ Keely Willmore

“Best jump ever! First time landing on a beach. And the photos I got are great! They are a great team at Skydive Geronimo Rottnest.” ~ Christopher Foot

Don’t miss out, book your exhilarating skydive jump over Rottnest Island today!


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