Wake up! Get ready, we are going on a wine tour in Margaret river!!

That’s is exactly what the wonderful Eilish thought she was doing in the weekend…little did she know her family had other plans for her.

Being her 18 birthday on Wednesday her family thought she needed to do something special to celebrate and indeed she did.

Rocking up at the Southern Skydivers hangar on Saturday morning Eilish soon realised the wine tour was out, so maybe she was here for a scenic flight? Well she was definitely going to get that flight but her family also had the thrill of a lifetime planned; a 14,000ft tandem skydive with DVD and photo’s!!


Honestly I have never seen anybody shake so much…was it shock or anticipation…maybe a bit of both!

Anyway to make a long story short Eilish and her cousin Tegan had an absolute blast! As you can see by these photo’s the nerves were soon replaced by adrenalin and Joy!!

Woohoo Happy 18 Birthday Eilish!!

PS you girls were rockin’ our new Southern Skydivers jumpsuits!!