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    Skydiving over Cable Beach Broome

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    Experience Broome from a Different Perspective

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    Land on Cable Beach

Skydive in Broome

Important: The Broome Drop Zone is currently closed.

Tandem skydive over the pristine waters and red-earth township of Broome in Western Australia, landing on the iconic Cable Beach!*

Your Cable Beach skydive experience begins with a warm welcome at our offices at the Broome International Airport. Here you will be introduced to your experienced and friendly Skydive Instructor to prepare for your skydive. Friends and family will wave you off as you and take-off over Broome, before being transported by our team down to our beach landing area to watch you land.

Your flight to altitude will take in stunning views of the unique pearling town of Broome, Gantheaume Point, Cable Beach and the rugged landscapes beyond.

Together with your Instructor, you will free fall at 200kms/hr! This is by far the most exciting part, so we recommend considering a jump from 14,000ft (our most popular altitude,) for a heart-pumping 60-second free fall time. Your Instructor will deploy your parachute at 5,000ft and you then enjoy a spectacular 5-minute parachute ride, before landing on the beach alongside family and friends. Then it’s time to celebrate! Customers enjoy a free celebratory drink at a beachside bar after their jump.

* Cable Beach landings are pending approval and are weather dependent. Your safe landing area will be determined on the day of the jump.


Meeting Point

Your meeting point for your Geronimo Broome skydive is Broome International Airport and the exact meeting point address will be advised at the time of booking.

Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. There is no need to arrive any earlier.

Important: All skydiving is weather dependant. We ask that you give us a call on the morning of your jump to discuss the weather and confirm your booking.

Landing Area

Skydive Geronimo uses 2 different landing areas in Broome. All landing locations offer spectacular views of Cable Beach, Gantheaume Point and Broome Township beyond.

The 2 landing areas are Cable Beach (Gantheaume Point end) and the Broome Turf Club.

Spectators: We recommend spectators arrive with you at the Broome International Airport, before making their way to the landing area (transport to the landing area is available.)

Important: Cable Beach landings are currently pending approval, and scheduled to be approved prior to operations beginning in May 2018.

What To Do in Broome

While skydiving is perhaps the most exhilarating of the many Broome attractions, there are a wealth of other experiences you won’t want to miss!

There is so much to see and discover, so many unique ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences in Broome, that we recommend you stay in the area for a few days (or longer!)

The Kimberley Experts at the Broome Visitor Centre is a great place to start. They will advise you on the best things to do in Broome and can tailor make your perfect holiday itinerary.

Opening Hours

Open during the dry season. May – August / September, 6 days per week.

Scheduled reopening date – 5th May 2020.

Contact our friendly team for more information.