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    Skydiving on Rottnest Island

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Skydiving Perth

Experience the best skydiving Western Australia has to offer with Skydive Geronimo! We offer Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Package Deals on the stunning Rottnest Island.

Find out more about our location below:

Skydiving Rottnest Island

Tandem Skydiving

Skydive in Perth on Rottnest Island with Skydive Geronimo

Jumpsuit on? Harness tight? Briefing complete? CHECK!

Your Tandem Skydiving experience will begin with a 20 minute flight Rottnest Island, Perth. From altitude you will have amazing views of the turquoise waters of spectacular WA coastline and the cities beyond.

Then it’s time for the door to open, and ready… set… GO!

You and your Tandem Skydiving Instructor will take the leap out of a perfectly good airplane. The biggest rush comes during free fall where you and your Instructor will plummet toward the earth at 200km/hour. Feel the adrenalin pumping as you spread your wings and ‘do the Superman’.

8,000ft = 20 seconds free fall

10,000ft = 30 seconds free fall

14,000ft = 60 seconds free fall

15,000ft = 66 seconds free fall

The ultimate thrill comes when jumping from our 15,000 feet skydive, giving you over 1 minute in free fall.

At 5,000ft your Tandem Skydiving Instructor will deploy your main parachute, and the world below starts to slow down. Now it’s time for a 5 minute ride under the parachute, before a safe landing on the beach.*

To celebrate your jump, enjoy a complimentary beer or wine at a local beachside restaurant and bar, overlooking the beach.

This is the adrenalin rush you’ve been waiting for!

Experience Skydiving in WA (Western Australia) and enquire now online.



Land on the Beach

No WA Skydiving experience would be complete without views of the pristine Western Australian coast line, and with Skydive Geronimo, you can land on the actual beach,* before enjoying a complimentary beer or wine to celebrate your jump on the deck of a local beachside bar.

Friends and family can relax and enjoy all that Rottnest Island has to offer, before watching your safe and exciting landing on the sand.

What more could you ask for as part of your WA Skydiving experience?

Want to learn more about our beach landing areas? Head to our Skydiving in Perth & WA locations page.

* All skydiving is subject to weather conditions, however beach skydive landings are even more weather restricted. Your safe landing area will be determined on the day of the jump.

Video and Photo Packages

What makes Skydive Geronimo’s video and photo packages the best on the market? Simple.


We use the best and latest technology available and don’t turn the quality down to make the editing process faster. We shoot everything at the highest definition available, at the highest frame rate. We then edit using the latest in professional editing software to ensure none of that quality is lost in post production.

The result is, you’re walking away with full 1080p HD videos with super smooth slow motion.


Skydive Geronimo’s Free Fall Cameramen are trained photographers. So instead of throwing any old camera on any old skydivers head -our team are trained professionals.

Next, we have given our team the latest in professional photography equipment. Unlike others using $300 consumer level cameras, we are equipped with Canon’s latest professional digital SLR the 5D Mark 3. Couple that with the Canon’s 15mm fisheye lens and the results are remarkable.

You wouldn’t want anything less to capture your first skydive!

Handcam Video and Photos

Our most popular option!



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Full Monty Video and Photos Package

The ultimate skydive video package!

The Full Monty Package








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Learn to Skydive

NOTE: Busselton Skydive School is currently closed.

Skydive Solo

Can’t get enough? Want to jump with your mates, free fly, or even jump a wing suit? Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is the place to start. Skydive Geronimo runs monthly training programs to teach you and your mates to jump solo.

Our AFF program is an internationally recognised course designed to teach you the theory and practice behind the sport of skydiving. Once qualified, you will be able to skydive completely on your own.

Don’t stop there! Further your qualifications and you will be able to skydive for fun at any Drop Zone in the world, compete in competitions, or make skydiving your career (earn doing something you love!)

Check out our Accelerated Free Fall course options below, to find a course that will suit your needs.

How does it work?

To learn to skydive, Skydive Geronimo offers two Accelerated Free Fall packages to choose from. Both options start with:

Day 1. Ground training. A full day of comprehensive training in readiness for your solo jump. This day is primarily classroom based, and your ground training will ensure you are fully prepared for your first skydive. After your theoretical training you are ready for your tandem assisted free fall. You will put everything you’ve learnt into practice.

Day 2. On your first solo jump you will be assisted by two Instructors, and they are there with you every step of the way. You will set out to achieve your stage goals, pull your own parachute at 4,500ft, and be guided by radio to fly your parachute and yourself to the landing area.

After you have completed your first jump, there are only a further nine stages to complete before you will be able to jump without the assistance of your Instructor. Each stage involves a 20 – 30 minute briefing prior to each of your jumps.

Once you have completed the 10 stages of the Accelerated Free Fall program, you are now on your way to achieving your ‘A’ license.

Option One – Accelerated Freefall Introductory Course

Complete stages TAF, 1,2 and 3 of the AFF solo skydiving program over a three day period.

This is an ideal package for people who want to get introduced to skydiving and experience the sport and excitement, without having to commit to the full 5 to 7 day course. Our 4 jump introductory package is completed by firstly the TAF (Tandem Assisted Free Fall) and then the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) jumps.

This package includes a full day of ground training in our student specific training room, all equipment you will need to complete your jumps, and 3 AFF/TAF stages from 12,000ft. You will also receive certification of stages completed, parachute packing lessons, membership to the Australian Parachute Federation, and a purpose designed student logbook.

Option Two – Accelerated Free Fall 10 Stage Course

Complete the full 10 stages of the Accelerated Free Fall course over a 5 to 7 day period.

This package is ideal for your full introduction to the sport of skydiving, and works towards your ‘A’ license as a skydiver.

By completing the course in a short timeframe, you are creating the best learning environment possible, and you get the opportunity to learn with other people and learn from each other.

Your Accelerated Free Fall course will include a full day of instruction in our purpose built student room, your TAF jump and the stages 1 to 8 with jumps from 12,000 ft and stage 9 from 4,000ft and all equipment you will need to complete your jumps. You will also receive certification of stages completed, parachute packing lessons, membership to the Australian Parachute Federation, and a purpose designed student logbook.

Where do I Start?

Whether you’re an individual wanting to join one of our existing AFF courses, or a group of friends wanting to learn together, we have you covered.

NOTE: Busselton Skydive School is currently closed, and will reopen in October 2018.

Contact us for more information:


What’s it going to cost?

AFF package prices:

Accelerated Free Fall Introductory Course: $1486.00

Accelerated Free Fall 10 Stage Course: $2851.00

AFF individual stage prices:

AFF first jump course + TAF: $499.00

AFF Levels 1, 2 & 3: $329.00

AFF Levels 4 to 8: $249.00

Level 9: $120.00

Solo consolidation jumps: $85.00

Each stage must be completed in order, and includes 1 jump. AFF training works on a pass/fail system, and each stage must be graded as a ‘pass’ in order to proceed to the following stage.

Please note repeat stages of the AFF course are not included in packages prices. These are at an additional cost.

Staying Current

Learning to skydive is best done in a hurry! Large breaks between jumps while you’re learning slows your progression, so it is better to build on current knowledge and complete your course within a 3 – 6 week period.

For more information, or to book your solo course contact us.

Sports Skydiving

Welcome fun jumpers! Come and hang out in the South West, the views are epic.

Skydive Geronimo operate an Airvan, and a super grunty Cessna 182 – which we will send up as soon as 4 sporties are ready to go.

…Or hop on any existing load with free space!

Join the Skydive Geronimo Sport Jumpers Facebook Page for updates on what’s happening at the Drop Zone.

Call us on 1300 449 669 to check availability and weather.

Jump prices

Hop’n’pop – $25

10,000ft – $40

14,000ft – $45


Buy a bulk lot of 10 jumps to 14k for $400!*

Bring a non-licensed mate out for a tandem skydive and you’ll get one sporty jump for free!*

*Does not include gear hire/packing.


$15 a jump

Have your rig packed for you!

We also have a Packer ‘A’ available for reserve re-packs

Gear Hire

$25 a jump.

All rigs for hire are 2-action Javelin canopies, fitted with Cypres AAD’s, ranging in size from 180-240.

Helmets, jumpsuits and even shoes are also available for use if you are travelling light!

Requirements for Skydivers

Present your licence, logbook and reserve packing card to manifest on arrival.

Complete a sport jumpers briefing with an instructor, before being manifested on any loads.

Have a current APF membership (we can help with this at the DZ.)

Have an AAD fitted if using your own gear.

Need a new camera?

We are dealers of Sony Actiom cams, OGIO gear bags and Cypres (new or maintenance.)

Need somewhere to stay?

Busselton town centre is only 10min from the drop zone and it offers all kinds of accommodation options.

Visit: www.margaretriver.com to get great deals on Busselton accommodation!

Rottnest Island

Sports skydiving is not available on Rottnest Island, due to restrictions on our local authority permit.